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Camp Cards

Hi everyone,
It is time for the Camp Card Fundraiser.  The sale will run the same as last year: At the start of the sale (early February) I will distribute envelopes to families who preordered. You can request more than 1 envelope, but we do ask that you only ask for the number of envelopes you feel you will be able to sell. It will be possible to get more cards after February, but I can’t guarantee anything so please preorder now. The fundraiser will run until the end of March. There are many ways to sell the cards, including door to door in your neighborhood, asking friends and family members, and parents can even take them to work to sell. We will also engage some local businesses for show-and-sells at the door. Currently, we have reserved Publix (Shoppes of Bartram Park) on Sunday, March 25 (usually nine 1-hour slots). We hope to have some additional events scheduled and will open a Sign-Up-Genius calendar for those interested in participating.
Some important notes about the camp card envelopes you sign out.
  • Each card is sold for $5. Cards are sold individually, but you can sell multiple cards to a customer, no limit.
  • There are 10 cards in each envelope. (1 envelope = $50)
  • Cards are generally sold for cash, but if someone asks to write a check they should make it payable to “Pack 473”.
  • You do not have to sell all cards, but you need to return any unsold cards when you settle up at the end of the fundraising period. We are required to return these to North Florida Council.
  • When you settle up, the amount of funds you return plus the number of unsold cards must match the same amount you signed out. For example, if you take 1 envelope and sell 5 cards, you will need to return the remaining 5 cards along with cash or check for $25, for a combined total of $50.
  • Pack 473 and North Florida Council are not responsible for cards that are lost, stolen, misplaced or damaged, so it helps to treat each card as though it is a $5 bill.
  • If you make all of your sales earlier rather than later, you can settle up with me prior to the end of March.
  • If you decide you aren’t going to sell your cards please return to me as soon as possible so I can redistribute to other families.
  • 50% of your scout’s sales will go to your Pack 473 scout account, and can be used to offset your cost for events like pack trips/campouts or payment of your pack dues.
For those of you new to the pack, the North Florida Council provides a web page with more information about camp cards and how the fundraiser works (
You may also visit the NFC site at the link above to take a look at the camp card proofs for this year. Important Note: there are 10 different types of cards for each of the regions within NFC. Make sure you look for the Metro Jacksonville proofs to see what we will be selling in our region.
That’s it for now. Hope everyone enjoys the remainder of their Christmas/Holiday break. See you in January!
Ted Terrill
Pack 473
© 2020 Cub Scout Pack 473
© 2020 Cub Scout Pack 473 -